WNOI Outdoor Youth Club

Hunt, Shoot, Fish
& Share Your Pride


by submitting your hunting or fishing photo to WNOI's Outdoor Youth Club's Webpage on www.wnoi.com Oct. 1- Jan. 31st!  WNOI will give you a FREE Youth Club Blaze Orange or Green T-Shirt & enter you to WIN monthly PRIZES!

To enter just be 18 years of age or younger, send your photo with your turkey, deer, waterfowl, fish, squirrel, rabbit or quail with your name, age, address, phone number & youth or adult shirt size to carrie@wnoi.com before Jan. 31, 2021!

Click here for details on the Illinois hunting seasons, licenses & regulations!


Danica Dowling
age 11, Clay City

Jase Weidner
age 3, Louisville

Jaxon Cole
age 4, at Charley Brown Park in Flora

Bryar Payne
age 5, Farina

Bryar Payne
age 5, Farina

Cayden Craig
age 12, Clay City

Jakeb Paul
age 13, Mt. Erie

Landon Paul
age 8, Mt. Erie

Reed Tolliver
age 8, Flora

Aubrey Maciejewski
age 4, New Berlin

Daylon Pollard
age 13, at Briarpatch Lake in Fairfield

Dayne Pollard
age 13, at Briarpatch Lake in Fairfield

Clara Hagen
Clay City

Ellie Hagen
Clay City

Ellie & Clara Hagen
Clay City

Braxton Oestreich

Levi Bass
Mt. Erie

Gavin Williams
age 14, Noble

Kelby Turner
age 10, Bible Grove

Elijah Ksiazkiewicz
age 6, Flora

Leland Kenley
age 4, Flora

Aleighana Cornwell
age 5, Flora

Candon Curtis Rush/Lane
age 10, Springerton

Lainey Rush
age 6, Springerton

Danica Dowling
age 11, Clay City

Raelyn Cox
age 10, Wayne City

Kase Wyman
age 7, Wayne City

Thane Warren
age 12, Flora

Kendrick Johnson
age 11, 1st Deer!

Candon Lane
age 10, Springerton

Kendrick Johnson
age 11

Carson Kent Griffith
age 3, Johnsonville

Neil Young
age 14, Flora

Owen Bailey
age 9, Cisne

Travette Tarpley
age 9, Louisville

Xzandrea Burgund
age 7, Louisville

Rayce McCrory
age 9, Flora

Lane Allen
age 12, Cisne, with 15.5" Crappie

Evan Clifton
age 13, Louisville

Riley Butcher
age 5, Farina

Colton Bass
age 14, Mt. Erie

Levi Dunahee
age 8, Clay City

Myra Dunahee
age 13, Clay City

Alyssa Cobb
age 12, Flora

Gracie Kroenlein
age 16, Effingham

Allison Kroenlein
age 12, Effingham

Chesley Wyatt
age 10, Mt. Vernon, IN

Ezra Wyatt
age 6, Mt. Vernon, IN

Aston Welty
age 14, Flora

Molly Lindeman
Clay City